Looking for a passionate and high efficient way for daily short range commute. Speed, control, safe, passion, fun, stylish, I want them all! That's why URBAN DRIFT® was born. URBAN DRIFT® offers a better choice for the last mile solution.

Our Team started from an OEM and ODM business of electric scooter. After several years of research and develop, we start our own brand and get into the electric scooter business and have been selling fairly well around the world.

URBAN DRIFT is inspired by the street culture, besides the technology we use in our e-scooter, we try to combine street hiphop culture and product design to develop bold, beautiful and eco-friendly personal transportation.

URBAN DRIFT has many scooters in development, including an off-road electric scooter. We want to build URBAN DRIFT an innovative brand that is dedicated to making premium e-scooter with different design language and offering you a better experience on your way home.

We mainly engaged in research, development, production and patent analysis in electric vehicles, electric scooters, mini electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and toy cars. We also develop domestic dealer trade and foreign trade team, attracting overseas customers, training leaders of trade personnel window.

The factory of our company has the fine blood of the traditional electric vehicle industry, which gathers the super strong design and development ability. Our technical support system is perfect. Our quality request is excellent with good public praise in the industry.

What's more, we have large production sites and automatic production lines. All our employees are well experienced in the development of the industry for over ten years, they have strong cohesion, a sense of responsibility, and excellent technology and craftsmanship.

Our factory has complete hardware of production, assemblage, storage, and other supporting systems. Our professional team configuration contains sales, sales documentary, physical control department, production PMC, IQC\QC. We are always ready to meet any customer requirements and create a good product wholeheartedly.



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