Electric Scooter Linear Throttle vs Stock Throttle

Electric Scooter Linear Throttle vs Stock Throttle

Electric scooter throttle can be set to different control style by programing at the factory.

Different throttle adjustments bring different driving experience. For example, if the scooter is set to output more power at the start, you will feel scooter is very responsive and powerful. If the scooter is set to generate less power to minor throttle input, the acceleration will be much more slower at the beginning. 

So when do we need the linear throttle or the normal throttle?


Stock Throttle (Normal Throttle)


No matter you use a press throttle or twist throttle, the stock throttle on the majority of electric scooter is setup to be very responsive to minor throttle input, which makes the e-scooter feel more powerful as you get a sudden acceleration when you initially press or twist the throttle. After that the acceleration will be much more gentle. For example, the stock throttle will be set to provide 60% of the power output at 30% throttle input and the acceleration is obverse.

The normal throttle set like this is very easy to use in an urban ride. For general daily driving, this is a great setup and makes driving quickly almost effortless after the frequent stop.


Linear Throttle

As to off-road driving, you need to feel the road surface clearly through the scooter body and control the throttle input precisely without lag to gain the max traction. 

This is what the normal throttle can not give you. The sudden acceleration you get using normal throttle when initially press the throttle will destroy the max friction and make the scooter very difficult to control when comes to the off-road. It's hard for you to find the proper traction with the standard throttle. 

Linear Throttle is almost a 1:1 ratio. For example, if you press/twist the throttle to 20%, you will get 20% power output. As a result, what linear throttle brings you is that you are actually own the scooter, you totally control the electric scooter (like Urban Drift® GOBI S), as you can use the throttle to get the most traction on all terrain or at the corner. You can drive the off-road scooter to conquer the road.

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