Nio x Urban Drift Electric Scooter

Nio x Urban Drift Electric Scooter

The short-distance Mercedes-Benz AMG series actually comes from Xiaomi, and NIO LIFE is expected to join forces with the the Urban Drift.

Xiaomi recruited the legendary Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team to cooperate and jointly launched this special edition Mijia electric scooter Pro2

In other words, this electric scooter is involved in Mercedes-Benz AMG. To put it mildly, buying it is equivalent to buying half of a "Benz AMG".

Compared with the previous generation, Pro2 has improved heat dissipation, battery management, etc., and it also solves some durability issues. The car weighs 14.2 kg, and its cruising range is 45 kilometers. The motor's rated output power is 300W (peak 600W) and the maximum speed is 25km/h. Pro 2 has a more powerful motor, which makes it perform better in driving and braking.

Besides, 1S and Pro 2 both doubled the power of 2W headlights. The starting price of the 1S is 400 Euros (about $475). Pro 2 is 500 euros (about $593).

In July 2020, by chance, NIO LIFE and Urban Drift start a small-scale meeting to form a future market for short-distance travel. We have extracted a lot from the model manufacturing and design of the Urban Drift brand. The idea is that electric scooters are a way of traveling in line with the background of the times, a brand-new lifestyle other than cars, and consistent with the concept of NIO LIFE, and it is expected to reach a joint brand consensus in 2021.


The first appearance of the brand's friendship style: electric folding bicycle

Urban Drift E1:

This 14-inch electric scooter with seat has a full-body aluminum alloy control structure, and its variants and arcs require super-strong hardware manufacturing technology, which is simple and generous. The battery part is removable and has a replacement mode. Through ergonomic design, the size is moderate, and it is easier to put in the trunk of the car. The so-called combination of one large and one small can solve the needs of the last few kilometers and long-distance parking.

Strong industrial design helps to realize one-key folding, dragging, and other functions. Make it easier to place and carry.


10inch Electric Kick Scooter 

Urban Drift S006:

It is a well-designed 10-inch wheel electric scooter. The design is full of curved lines. The unique digital display method is matched with multi-color body. It walks in the fashionable front end. The powerful 350w brushless motor emits enough horsepower and cross-country pneumatic tires are strong, stable, and comfortable. Urban Drift S006 is a good companion for your daily commute.


Off-road electric scooters for hardcore players

Urban Drift Gobi S off-road electric scooter 

Urban Drift Gobi S is a scooter loved by hardcore players and it is the most fun playmate in the spare time.

Two 800W brushless motors can easily conquer any road section with superior off-road performance. The eye-catching color-separated bar wheels are similar to Land Rover custom wheels. There is a key development power button, the speed can reach 60 km/h(37mph). Linear throttle and dual suspensions give you an amazing riding experience.

Here's the Urban Drift Family:

Urban Drift E1: Subvert conventional electric bicycles

Urban Drift S006: Elegant commute

Urban Drift Gobi S: The king of cross-country, enthusiast playmate, and more fun.

Electric scooters are your best travel partners in the future. Enjoy your life in different ways with 3 different models. Brand Official Site

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