How do you safely ride an electric scooter?

How do you safely ride an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are a convenient, stylish, and eco-friendly personal transportation device that can let you move quickly in the city, avoiding traffic and parking hassles, while also enjoying the fun of riding. However, electric scooters also have some safety risks, and if you don’t pay attention to the rules and skills of riding, you may cause accidents and injuries. Therefore, before riding an electric scooter, you need to know some basic safety knowledge and methods to ensure your own and others’ safety. In this article, we will introduce you how to ride an electric scooter safely, including our own brand Urban Drift’s products, so that you have a reference when using them.

1.Choose the right electric scooter
First of all, you need to choose an electric scooter that suits you, according to your needs and budget, choose the appropriate battery capacity, motor power, tire size, brake system and other parameters. Different electric scooters have different performance and characteristics, and you need to choose according to your riding purpose and road conditions. For example, if you want to explore the outdoors, then you may need an off-road electric scooter that can cope with various terrains, such as our Urban Drift G63. This electric scooter has a powerful 1200 watt single motor or dual motor mode, which can reach a top speed of 31 mph or 37 mph, and can climb up to 30 degrees. Its battery capacity is 48 volts 15 amp hours or 48 volts 20 amp hours, which can travel up to 40 miles or 60 miles after a single charge. Its tire size is 11 inches, and it uses inflatable off-road tires that can adapt to muddy, sandy, snowy and other road conditions. It also has front and rear high-strength shock absorbers that can absorb vibration and impact, providing a comfortable riding experience. Its brake system consists of front and rear mechanical brakes and EABS, which can effectively slow down and stop. It also has a smart dashboard that can display speed, mileage, battery level and other information, and can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth for settings and control. It has a load capacity of 286 pounds and weighs 78 pounds or 89 pounds.

2.Check the status of the electric scooter
Secondly, before each ride, you need to check the status of the electric scooter to make sure it has no damage or failure. You need to check the following aspects: Body structure: Check whether the body has any cracks or deformations, especially in places that are often subject to impact, such as wheel axles, frames, etc. Brake system: Make sure the brake system is reliable, the brake is working properly, the brake disc and brake pad are not worn out. Battery: Check whether the battery is fully charged, whether the battery has any damage or leakage, whether the battery connection is secure. Tires: Check whether the tires have any damage or cracks, whether they are inflated enough, whether the tire tread is worn out. Suspension system: Check whether the suspension system is working properly, whether the spring is elastic normal, whether the shock absorber is leaking oil. Lights and signal lights: Check whether the lights, brake lights and signal lights are working properly, make sure you can see the road clearly and be seen by other drivers when driving. Controller and motor: Check whether the controller and motor have any damage or leakage, whether there are loose wires or connections.

3.Follow the rules and etiquette
of riding Finally, when riding an electric scooter, you need to follow the rules and etiquette of riding to ensure your own and others’ safety. You need to pay attention to the following points: Wear safety equipment: You need to wear suitable helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and other safety equipment to prevent injuries in case of accidents. Choose the right route: You need to choose the right route according to your electric scooter’s performance and characteristics, avoid riding in crowded, narrow, bad roads and other unfavorable conditions. Follow traffic regulations: You need to follow local traffic regulations, such as traffic lights, speed limits, parking, etc., and respect other traffic participants, such as pedestrians, bicycles, cars, etc. Pay attention to the surrounding environment: You need to pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as road conditions, weather, obstacles, etc., and make timely reactions and adjustments. Use signals and sounds: You need to use signals and sounds, such as turn signals, horns, gestures, etc., to express your intentions and situations, and remind others of your presence.

Electric scooters are a convenient and fun personal transportation device that can let you shuttle freely between urban and rural areas while also protecting the environment. But riding an electric scooter also requires attention to safety, you need to choose the right electric scooter, check the status of the electric scooter, follow the rules and etiquette of riding. We Urban Drift provide you with high-quality and innovative electric scooters and other personal transportation devices, so that you can enjoy the best riding experience.

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